Book Talks

A Book Talk is a creative way to tell others about a great book you have read and recommend it to your classmates.

Here are some examples of creative Book Talks!

Take a look to find a new good book to read or create your own!

Want to make your own Book Talk?

There are lots of different tools to use, but first you've got to read a great book to talk about! Then see these different options below for making a Book Talk.

Using a Camera...

1. Create a video of you holding your book or showing some great illustrations

2. Some things you might want to include or mention....

    • Include the title and author of your book so other students can find it easily
    • Grade or Book Level
    • I think you will like this book, if you like....
    • My favorite character is...
    • This book is about... (Summarize without giving away too much, especially not the ending or ay cliffhangers!)
    • The best part of this book was when...

3. When your finished as your parent to help you email Mrs. Krieger your video.

Using Flip Grid...

1. Go to the Flip Grid website and enter the code, 31cc42.

2. You will need a password to enter the Flipgrid, so be sure to ask Mrs. Krieger, what her favorite book character is.

3. Once in follow the prompts to sign in, you will NOT need to give an email address, just skip that line.

4. When flip grid asks to use your camera and mic, click "allow."

5. Record your response on the Best Book Ever. When your done you can add some fun emojis. Then finalize your video.