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Book Talks

A Book Talk is a creative way to tell others about a great book 
you have read and recommend it to your classmates. 

Here are some examples of creative Book Talks
Take a look to find a new good book to read 
or get an idea to create your own!

Want to see your Book Talk here?

1. Using iMovie or Youtube create a video of you holding your book or find pictures of the cover and illustrations within your book to include. 
2. Include the title and author of your book so other students can find it easily. 
3. Some things you might want to include or mention....
 -Grade or Book Level
 -I think you will like this book, if you like....
 -My favorite character is...
 -This book is about... (Summarize without giving away too much, especially not the ending or ay cliffhangers!)
 -The best part of this book was when...
4. When your finished email Mrs. Krieger a link or download of your video.